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Blidingia minima


5 - 10 centimeters long


thread-like hollow tubes

  • Dut: Klein darmwier
  • Lat: Blidingia minima
  • Eng: Blidingia minima
  • Ger: Kleiner Darmtang, Fadentang
Blidingia minima, Ecomare

Blidingia minima

Watch out! This seaweed is dangerous! When the air is damp, the dike slopes covered with Blidingia minima are very slippery! Blidingia minima is a smaller, thinner verison of gutweed. It grows on hard objects such as dikes, poles, rocks, harbour piers and pontoons. It is the most characteristic seaweed in the splash zone, the area which is just reachable for waves during high tide. This zone is often referred to as the 'Blidingia zone'. Periwinkles gladly feed on Blidingia.

  • Treacherous dike
    Blidingia, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

    Such slopes overgrown with Blidingia minima can be very slippery!