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Oil exploitation North Sea, Ecomare

Oil exploitation

The first oil field was drilled in the North Sea in 1969. Since then, an extensive oil industry has developed, particularly in the central and northern part of the North Sea. Most of it is in British and Norwegian hands. In 2002, the North Sea bottom produced a total of 360 million cubic meters of oil. The offshore industry estimated the remaining supply of oil in early 2003 at 2700 million cubic meters.

  • Oil exploitation in the Wadden Sea

    Oil exploitation hardly exists in the Wadden Sea. It takes places only in Schleswig-Holstein, and is only allowed south of Trischen, in the vicinity of the Mittelplate and the Hakensand.

  • Dutch oil exploitation

    A total of 1.56 million cubic meters of oil was exploited from Dutch territory in 2006. The majority (1.24 million cubic meter) was found at sea, the rest came from oil fields near Rijswijk. The total remaining oil reserves in Dutch territory is estimated at more than 38 million cubic meters. This oil originally formed from carbonized peat dating back to the Carboniferous Period, around 300 million years ago.