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Shipping routes NCP, Ecomare

Shipping routes

The North Sea is one of the busiest navigated seas in the world. The traffic intensity is high particularly in the southern section. Every year, 250,000 ships pass through the Dutch part of the North Sea. The fishing vessels and the recreational boats are not taken into account. At the end of the 1960s, traffic segregation systems and deep-water routes were established in order to guarantee swift and safe shipping traffic.

  • Shipping routes in the Dutch Wadden Sea
    Shipping routes and harbours, File nedwad.cdr

    In the Dutch wadden region, most of the shipping traffic is to and from the large harbours Den Helder, Harlingen, Lauwersoog, Delfzijl and Emden. The regulations along these routes is less strict, for example, with respect to the maximum speed. The other routes are mostly used by the tidal flat fisheries and the pleasure crafts.