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around 1 centimeter


transparent to bright green or yellow


microscopic phytoplankton and zooplankton


fish, jellyfish, anemones, other crustaceans, almost all carnifores larger than a gammarid



  • Dut: Vlokreeft
  • Lat: Marinogammarus spp. / Haustorius arenarius
  • Eng: Gammarid
  • Ger: Flohkrebs (Sand-Flohkrebs)
  • Dan: Tangloppe (amphipod)
Gammarid, Erik van Ommen


What animal can swim upside-down, backwards or on its side? The gammarid! There are different species of gammarids, depending on the kind of water where they live: marine, brackish and freshwater species. Just like copepods, they are an important source of food for many other animals because there are so many of them. They are true bottom-dwelling animals.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Gammarids live on the bottom and between seaweed in bays, harbors and other quiet waters connected to the sea. They live on the beach and tidal flats dug into the bottom. Freshwater gammarids live in ditches and ponds.