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Dieren en planten

Water en land

Geology and history   2300 years ago   

Mens en Milieu

2300 years ago

The Vlie, the later connection between the North Sea and the Zuiderzee, begins to take shape. Many fen regions are drained, disappear and eventually grow into tidal flats. The moorlands by Texel and Wieringen stay in place for the time being. People from higher sand grounds start inhabiting the marshes. They build farms on terps and let their livestock graze on the marshes.

  • Early Roman Days

    At the beginning of the Roman Days (2050 years ago), the sea level rose to one meter under the present level. The sea level stays constant. The land gradually becomes passable thanks to drainage and settlement. The Roman Plinius is the first to describe the wadden region (Frisia) and the terp residents, who he called Frisii. He writes about the poor wretches that have to livein the cold, damp marshes. Yet there was a lively trade between the Frisii and the Romans, particularly due to the Romans' need for lots of skins and meat to supply the troops.