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20 centimeter


delicate tufts, irregularly branched


Dull or dark green except when ripe for reproduction:
male: yellowish green
female: dark green

  • Dut: Onregelmatig vederwier, warrig vederwier
  • Lat: Bryopsis hypnoides
  • Eng: Thicketweed
  • Ger: Bryopsis hypnoides
Thicketweed, Anne Frijsinger, Mat Vestjens


Thicketweed is a delicate-looking seaweed, just like its family member hen pen. However, the fronds look more like tufts than feathers. It consists of a single cell with many cell nuclei, without partitions. In the Netherlands, thicketweed is only found in the delta region, particularly in the Grevelingen, and in brackish water canals. It grows well near freshwater nutrient-rich inlets.