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Toothed wrack


60-1000 centimeters long


short round stem with long flat branched extensions

color differences:

males: orange-brown
females: green-brown

  • Dut: Gezaagde zee-eik
  • Lat: Fucus serratus
  • Eng: Toothed wrack
  • Ger: Sägetang
Fucus serratus, taken by Stemonitis at Rhoscolyn, Anglesey, Wales

Toothed wrack

Toothed wrack is a decorative brown seaweed, with serrated edges. It looks a lot like bladder wrack however it lacks the inflated bladders. It grows in the lowest zone of the tidal region, and is often found sprinkled with flat periwinkles and the polyp Dynamena pumila. Toothed wrack is not found in the Wadden Sea but it is very common in the delta region.