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  • Dut: Roodwieren
  • Lat: Rhodophyceae
  • Eng: Red seaweed
  • Ger: Rotalgen
  • Dan: Rød tang

Red seaweed

A rock pool with different species of red seaweed together with sea anemones and shrimp form a small natural sea aquarium. Red seaweeds are always made up of multiple cells, so they are always visible with the naked eye. They range in size from small to moderately large. They contain a red pigment that dominates the green chlorophyll, making them red in color. Red seaweeds grow in moderate to warm waters, at many levels along the coast and various depths in the sea. Just like green seaweed, red seaweeds degrade more rapidly than brown seaweeds. They make a good source of nutrients for annual seablite.