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diameter seaweed thread: up to 0,1 millimeter
mats: up to several square meters


light to dark green


sexual and asexual

  • Dut: Nopjeswier
  • Lat: Vaucheria (multiple species)
  • Eng: Vaucheria
  • Ger: Vaucheria
Vaucheria, Schorrenwerkgroep Natuurpunt


Vaucheria is a curiousity among the seaweeds. Its build and reproduction varies so much from other seaweeds that this plant has been placed in a separate group in the plant kingdom. It is a pioneer plant, which forms large thick mats on lightly brackish and freshwater tidal flats. This plant catches mud and sand that wash over it. In this way, it helps the flats to grow higher, eventually developing into a salt marsh.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Vaucheria species are found on all continents on earth, including Antarctica. Some species specialize in freshwater, while others prefer brackish to salt water. You can find this seaweed in the delta and wadden regions, particularly on the salt marshes. Vaucheria is very abundant along the Schelde. There are a few species of sea slugs that only forage on vaucheria.