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Water en land

Mens en Milieu

Warne's thread-moss, Des Callaghan

Moss on grazed salt marshes

There are only a few species of mosses that can tolerate a small amount of salt. Baltic bryum and Warne's thread-moss.

  • Baltic bryum
    Baltic bryum, David Holyoak

    In the Netherlands, you find Baltic bryum growing on grazed salt marshes. This species is listed as susceptible on the Red List of Dutch mosses, 2013.

    Dut: Ziltknikmos
    Lat: Bryum marratii
    Eng: Baltic bryum

  • Warne's thread-moss
    Warne's thread-moss, Bas Kers via

    Warne's thread-moss grows in the same places as Baltic bryum. However, this species is also much more a pioneer on exposed sandbanks.

    Dut: Kwelderknikmos
    Lat: Bryum warneum
    Eng: Warne's thread-moss, sea bryum