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Rue-leaved saxifrage


plant: 2-15 centimeters
flower: 2-4 millimeters


flowers: white
stems: red


April to June





life span:


  • Dut: Kandelaar (kandelaartje)
  • Lat: Saxifraga tridactylites
  • Eng: Rue-leaved Saxifrage
  • Fre: Saxifrage tridactyle
  • Ger: Dreifinger Steinbrech
Rue-leaved saxifrage, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Rue-leaved saxifrage

Rue-leaved saxifrage is a typical winter annual: it germinates in the fall, lives as a rosette of leaves in the winter, flowers in the spring, produces ripe seeds in the early summer and dies. In the Netherlands, rue-leaved saxifrage grows mostly in sunny, dry, calcium-rich dunes. Because the dunes in the wadden region are generally poor in calcium, this plant is not too common here. The shape of the leaf resembles a candlestick, which is probably where it got its Dutch name 'kandelaartje'.

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