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Hare's-foot clover


5 to 30 centimeters


white to pinkish


July through October


bees, self-pollination


seed pods

life span:

annual, sometimes perennial


entire Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia

  • Dut: Hazepootje (hazenpootje)
  • Lat: Trifolium arvense
  • Eng: Hare's-foot Clover
  • Fre: Pied de lievre
  • Ger: Hasen-Klee
Hare's foot, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Hare's-foot clover

Hare's-foot clover is named after its fluffy manner of flowering. Both stems and leaves are covered in fine hair. The flower head is made up of lots of small flowers surrounded by five long hairy sepals. In fact, you are very likely to think the sepals are the petals. Like most species in the pea family, hare's-foot clover fixes nitrogen, making it a valuable plant for fields depleted in this important element for crops. Hare's-foot clover is native to most of Europe, growing best in dry sandy soils. It is also an indicator of calcium depletion, grazing and treading.

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