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Evening primrose


plant: 10 to 150 centimeters
flowers: varying from 1 to 6 centimeters


flowers: yellow


June through September


bees, long-tongued moths, self or cross-pollination



life span:

2 years

  • Dut: Teunisbloem
  • Lat: Oenothera
  • Eng: Evening primrose
  • Ger: Nachtkerze
  • Dan: Natlys
Evening primrose, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Evening primroses

On sunny days, you rarely see evening primrose flowers blossoming. As evening sets in, the petals open up within a minute, blossoming only one night long. The flowers emit a strong peculier odor to attract night insects. If the following day is cloudy they will blossom longer. The petals reflect ultra violet light, except at the foot. Because insects can detect ultra violet light, they see a dark heart surrounded by a light halo and are directed to the nectar. There are three species of evening primrose, which closely resemble one another.

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