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Lion's mane jelly


maximum 50 centimeters in diameter


yellowish to brick red


zooplankton, worms, small crustaceans and small fish


sunfish, fulmar


sexual and vegetative

  • Dut: Rode haarkwal
  • Lat: Cyanea capillata
  • Eng: Lion's mane (Yellow Sea Blubber)
  • Ger: Gelbe Haarqualle, Feuerqualle
  • Dan: Rød brandmand
Lion's mane (yellow sea blubber), Ecomare

Lion's mane jellyfish

Lion's mane jellyfish are not often found in the North Sea. The jellyfish can sting badly with its long hairy tentacles located on the rim of the bell. These tentacles can grow up to several meters long! Those animals that are not sensitive to the poison prefer to live close by the jellyfish. The toxin scares away enemies, making it a safe place for others. Reddish specimen of blue jellyfish are sometimes mistaken for lion's mane jellyfish.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Lion's manes are rarely found in the North Sea. Years can past by with no lion's manes found along the Dutch coast.

Stinging cells