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Melon jellyfish


maximum 15 centimeters long


transparent, adults also pink or purplish


sea gooseberry


some jellyfish and fish


Melon jelly is both male and female

  • Dut: Meloenkwalletje
  • Lat: Beroe gracilis
  • Eng: Melon jellyfish
  • Ger: Melonenqualle
Moon jelly, Beroe cucumis, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Melon jellyfish

The melon jellyfish is an elongated sea gooseberry which propels itself with vibrating combs located along its rim. It is somewhat larger than a sea gooseberry and much less rigid in structure. Melon jellyfish have a large round opening below. This opening is the mouth, with which they swallow sea gooseberries and other species in one gulp. Because melon jellyfish are transparent, you can sometimes see sea gooseberries in the stomach.

  • Distribution and habitat
    Moon jelly, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

    Melon jellyfish are often found in Dutch coastal waters. They live mostly in shallow water. You can find them particularly in the spring, when sea gooseberries are around. Sea gooseberries are their favorite food.