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Water en land

  • Dut: Bootsmannetje (ruggezwemmer, duikerwants, waterwants)
  • Lat: Notonecta spp. / Hesperocorixa moesta
  • Ger: Rückenschwimmer
  • Eng: Water bugs, Backswimmer
Bootsmannetje, Foto naar

Water bugs

Water bugs are the best adapted insects for living in water. Both the larvae and the adults live submerged under water. With many other insects such as dragonflies and mosquitoes, the animal leaves the water as an adult to live on land.

  • Many species
    Backswimmer, Foto Fitis,

    There are various species of water bugs. Water scorpions are bugs which stick their respiratory tube through the surface in order to breath. They leer at prey in a stationary position and when they get close, they grab them and suck them empty. Other water bug species retain air in their hairy exterior, which they regularly refresh.

    Another major family is the backswimmer, which hangs on the underside of the water surface and eats mainly insects. These bugs are agressive predators and often attack tadpoles and small fish. Their bite is also very painful for people. Finally, there are the water boatmen, which also retain air but live mostly on the bottom and eat plant material or dead organisms.