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Aphids   Aphids   Plants   Dune flora   
  • Dut: Bladluis
  • Lat: Aphidoidea
  • Eng: Aphids (plant lice)
  • Dui: Blattläuse
Plant lice, Foto Fitis,


Aphids, or plant lice, are small insects that suck up plant juices. They secrete lots of honeydew, a sweet fluid. Ants in particular are attracted to this fluid. They even keep and guard aphids as if they were cows. Plant lice reproduce several generations in one year, in winged as well as wingless form. Many species cause characteristic growths (galls) on their host plants.

  • Aphids on salt marshes

    There are many species of aphids, however few have common English names. The species found on sea lavender is called Staticobium limonii. The plants are sometimes so infected with this louse that it is unable to blossom. Sea aster is home for three species of aphids: Aphis tripolii, Macrosiphoniella asteris and Pemphigus trehernei. The first two are found close to the flowers and the last one by the roots. The aphids Coloradoa heinzei and Macrosiphoniella pulvera live on sea wormwood. Aphis triglochinis lives in the inflorescence of arrow grasses in the summer. The species uses berry bushes as its winter host. Iziphya leegei lives on saltmarsh rush and sea club-rush.

  • Aphids in dune slacks and outer dunes

    Capitophorus hippophaës is an aphid specie found on young buds of sea buckthorn. In the summer, it moves to plants in the knotweed family. Colonies of the black aphid Aphis sambuci live in rolled up leaves of the elder. They look for herbal plants in the summer. Aphids from the Cyadaphis family are found on madder species. Hyperomyzus rhinanthi lives on yellow rattle in the summer and on redcurrant in the winter. Uroleucon campanulae, Uroleucon nigrocampanulae and Dysaphis sorbi live on bellflowers.

    Grass species growing in the outer dunes have their own specific species of aphids. Schizaphis weingaertneriae lives on grey hair-grass. Diuraphis frequens lives on sea couch. This aphid changes the stalks into wads of paunchy leaf sheaths. Laingia psammae are often found on marram grass. You recognize is by the sticky, black honeydew.