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Silver-studded blue   Plants   Heath family   Cross-leaved heath   Heather   Dune flora   Butterflies   

Water en land

  • Dut: Heideblauwtje
  • Lat: Plebeius argus (plebejus argus)
  • Ger: Heidebläuling (Argus-Bläuling, Tiefblauer Silberfleckbläuling)
  • Eng: Silver-studded blue
Silver-studded Blue, mating, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Silver-studded blue

Silver-studded blues live in the dune heath fields of Terschelling, Texel and Schiermonnikoog. The wings of the male are blue from above while those of the female are brown. The silver-studded blue lays its eggs on heather and cross-leaved heath. It lives in transition zones between wet and dry terrains. The caterpillars pupate in ant nests. Silver-studded blues are on the Red List for threatened butterfly species.