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Dieren en planten

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Water en land

  • Dut: Heidevlinder
  • Lat: Hipparchia semele
  • Ger: Ockerbindiger Samtfalter (Rostbinde)
  • Eng: Grayling
  • Fr: Agreste
Agreste, foto fitis,sytske dijksen


Graylings are common in dry dune grasslands with bare sandy areas. They are often found among heather grwoing in older more inland lying dunes although you also see them in younger dunes closer to the sea. Graylings like to spread their wings in the sun. You then see them with their front wings retracted between the hind wings and standing in line of their own shadow. Graylings lay their eggs on sheep fescue, grey hair-grass or common bent-grass.