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Winged insects   Wasps   Ichneumon wasp   Digger wasps   
  • Ned: Sluipwesp
  • Lat: Torymidae
  • Eng: Ichneumon wasp, scorpion wasp
  • Dui: Erzwespen

Ichneumon wasp

Unlike true wasps, ichneumon wasps do not sting people. The larvae of this wasp live off of or even in other insects or spiders. Caterpillars in particular are a favorite prey. The adult animal looks for a suitable prey, paralyzes it with its stinger, drags it to a hole where one egg is laid on top. The host is still alive while the larva eats it up, but eventually die. Some species of ichneumon wasps inject the egg directly into the prey. There are many species of ichneumon wasps found in the dunes. They are also used in glasshouse farming to combat pests. Due to their manner of arching their body, this species is also referred to as a scorpion wasp.