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Water en land

  • Dut: Schrijvertjes
  • Lat: Gyrinidae
  • Eng: Whirligig beetles
  • Ger: Taumelkäfer
Whirligig beetles, Naar

Whirligig beetles

Whirligig beetles live on the water surface. When in danger, they dive immediately under water; for instance, in the winter and with strong winds. Their eyes are divided into two parts, allowing them to see above and below the water surface. Whirligig beetles eat insects that fall into the water. Using their antennae, they feel the vibrations to find the splashing victim. These sense organs also prevent the beetles from bumping into one another when skating over the water. Whirligig beetles are known for making strange whirls on the surface of the water. The males use their pecker as rudder.