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  • Dut: tweekleppigen
  • Lat: Bivalvia
  • Eng: Bivalves
  • Ger: Muscheln
Baltic tellin and peppery furrow shell, foto fitis, sytske dijksen


Bivalves are shellfish protected by two shell halves. Each half is more or less equivalent in size. Well known bivalve species include the mussel, the cockle and the oyster.

  • In or on the bottom
    Spisula, razor shells and mussels, Foto Fitis,

    Most species of shellfish live in the bottom. They maintain contact with the surface via their incurrent and excurrent siphons. These tubes provide the supply and discharge of seawater. The animals use the oxygen in the water and filter out the nutrients. Mussels and oysters do not dig themselves in. Instead, they attach themselves to stones or shells.