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Queen scallop


up to 9 centimeters


pink, white or brownish







  • Dut: Wijde mantel
  • Lat: Aequipecten opercularis
  • Eng: Queen scallop
  • Ger: Kleine Kammmuschel, Gespreizte Kammmuschel
  • Dan: see Latin
Queen scallop, Foto Fitis,

Queen scallop

Young queen scallops attach themselves to rocks with byssus threads, but older animals are good swimmers; by snapping their valves open and close, they push water around which moves them as well. Just like great scallop, they have light-sensitive stips located around the shell which help them to 'see'. Fresh shells from young specimen are regularly found on the Frisian beaches; live animals are found particularly on floating objects. In the Province of Zeeland, you find mostly fossilized shells.

  • Distribution and habitat
    Eyes of the queen scallop, Sytske Dijksen,

    Queen scallops live on sand, mud and gravelly bottoms, down to around 180 meters depth. You can find live animals in the Oosterschelde and the North Sea.

  • Found on the beach
    Lots of queen scallops, Sytske Dijksen,
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