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Tellina fabula


up to 2.5 centimeters


orange-yellow or off-white




crabs, birds



  • Dut: Rechtsgestreepte platschelp
  • Lat: Tellina fabula (Angulus fabulus, Fabulina fabula)
  • Eng: Tellina fabula
  • Ger: Gerippte Tellmuschel, (Bohnen-Plattmuschel)
  • Dan: Fabulina fabula
Fabulina fabula, Ecomare

Tellina fabula

It is common for Tellina fabula to wash ashore along the entire coast either during or following off-shore winds. The shells are thin and fragile, but the part that holds the shell valves together is very strong, stronger than the shell itself. That explains why you often find these shells as doublets along the beach. The right valve of the Tellina fabula has wavy striations, while the left one is smooth. This shellfish has no common English name; it used to be referred to by a former Latin name, Fabulina fabula.

  • Distribution and habitat

    The Tellina fabula is found in the North Sea, Wadden Sea and delta regions. Unlike most other bivalves, this animal lives dug into the sea floor in a horizontal position, down to 10 centimeters.