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Thin tellin


up to 3 centimeters


pink, orange-yellow or whitish




crabs, birds



  • Dut: Tere platschelp
  • Lat: Angulus tenuis
  • Eng: Thin tellin
  • Ger: Zarte Plattmuschel
  • Dan: see Latin
Thin tellin, Ecomare

Thin tellin

The thin tellin is a species which regularly washes ashore. You usually find both valves still attached to one another. The connecting ligament between the two shell halves is namely very strong. The thin tellin is reasonably easy to find on the sand thanks to its pink to orange color. This colorful shellfish usually lives hidden in the sea bottom, where it's difficult to find despite its color. For food and oxygen, it extends its siphons out of the sand and filters the water. The thin tellin closely resembles the Baltic tellin but is more delicate, flatter and lighter.

  • Distribution and habitat

    The thin tellin is a common species for the North Sea region. It lives in coastal water down to a depth of several tens of meters. It digs itself into soft sea bottoms, between 5 and 12 centimeters.