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Rough periwinkle


up to 22 millimeter


variable, but usually dark







  • Dut: Ruwe alikruik
  • Lat: Littorina saxatilis
  • Eng: Rough periwinkle
  • Ger: Raue Strandschnecke
  • Dan: Ungefødende strandsnegl
Rough periwinkle, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Rough periwinkle

There are various subspecies of rough periwinkles which are difficult to distinguish from one another. The 'authentic' rough periwinkle is very common along the North Sea coast. Their shells have obvious grooves and ribs. Sometimes, the grooves are darker than the rest, appearing as stripes. The shape and color are not always the same: some are truncated while others are peaked, gray or colorful.

  • Verspreiding en habitat

    Periwinkels live on rocks, seaweeds and dikes. The rough periwinkle is found higher up in the tidal zone than the common periwinkle, up to and including the splash zone. It is commonly found along the Dutch coast.