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Curled octopus


up to 50 centimeters, with a span of 70 centimeters


around 1 kilogram


usually red but can change color


crabs and crustaceans


seals, some fish species, dolphins



  • Dut: Kleine achtarm
  • Lat: Eledone cirrhosa
  • Eng: Curled octopus, (lesser octopus)
  • Ger: Kleiner Oktopus (Cirrenkrake)
  • Dan: 8-armede blæksprutte
Curled octopus, Ecomare

Curled octopus

The curled octopus is related to the octopus. It is named after the way it curls up its arms. A row of suction feet are found on the eight slender arms. The curled octopus uses these arms to catch its prey. Just like other cuttlefish, it can recognize objects with its excellent eyesight. It closely observes scuba divers, following every movement. As soon as it no longer trusts the situation, it rapidly disappears behind a curtain of ink.

  • Distribution and habitat
    Curled octopus, Ecomare

    Curled octopusses are rocky coast inhabitants. They are found in the North Sea. There are even a few known cases of catches in the Wadden Sea and the former Zuiderzee. Curled octopusses live between 10 and 150 meters deep.