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Scoloplos armiger


  • Dut: wapenworm
  • Lat: Scoloplos armiger
  • Eng: Scoloplos armiger, bristle worm
  • Ger: Kiemenringelwurm
Scoloplos armiger, Wim de Bruin

Scoloplos armiger

The bristle worm Scoloplos armiger is a thin, flat, segmented worm with short 'feet'. Just like the lugworm, it eats sand. It makes horizontal tunnels in the mudflat bottom. Its body consists of 200 segments. Like many marine animals, eggs are laid in the spring and fertilized in synchronization with a spring tide.

  • Distribution and habitat
    Bristle worm Scoloplos armiger, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

    The Scoloplos armiger lives in the Wadden Sea and delta region on higher sandy mudflats.