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Trumpet worm


animal: up to 5 centimeters
tube: up to 8 centimeters


salmon pink


algae and small animals


fish, crabs, shorebirds



  • Dut: Goudkammetje
  • Lat: Lagis koreni (Pectinaria koreni)
  • Eng: Trumpet worm
  • Ger: Köcherwurm
Trumpet worm, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Trumpet worm

The trumpet worm is a bristle worm which protects itself in a conical-shaped tube which it makes itself from sand particles. The animal is named after its trumpet shape. It has golden brushes at the wide end of the tube, by its head. The worm burrows itself into soft bottoms. During easterly winds, you can find these worms on the beach.

  • Distribution and habitat
    Tube of the trumpet worm, being squatted by a hermit crab, Sytske Dijksen,

    Trumpet worms are commonly found in the vicinity of the Frisian Front and several places along the Dutch coast. Sometimes, huge numbers of trumpet worms are found in the Wadden Sea.