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Dieren en planten

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Maximum 1.30 meters
Dutch sportfishing record: 90.2 centimeters


Maximaal 18,1 meter


back: brown-green; flanks: yellow-green


maximum 8 years


crustaceans and fish


lays eggs

  • Dut: Pollak, pollack, vlas wijting
  • Lat: Pollachius pollachius
  • Eng: Pollack
  • Ger: Pollack
  • Fren: Lieu jaune
  • Dan: Lubbe (lyssej)
Pollack, Ecomare


Pollacks are predator fish; they eat crustaceans and fish. They like to swim in the vicinity of ship wrecks, drilling platforms and rocky coasts. Pollacks have a good sense of hearing. When scuba divers are busy on the bottom, pollacks are often attracted by the noise.  Young pollack are regularly found in eel traps located in the harbor of IJmuiden. They probably float in as eggs and larvae and migrate north later on.

  • Distribution of pollack
    Distribution of pollack, Ecomare

    Pollacks live in the North Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. They swim along the coast and down to depths of 200 meters. Young specimen in particular are found along the Dutch coast.