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  • Dut: Geep (spionnetje)
  • Lat: Belone belone
  • Eng: Garfish
  • Ger: Hornhecht
  • Fren: Orphie (orphie commune)
  • Dan: Hornfisk
Garfish, Ecomare


Garfish overwinter west of the British Islands and migrate in the spring to the North Sea. In the summer, they are quite common along the Dutch coast and tidal waters. The Wadden Sea is a nursery for young garfish. Because the eggs of this species remain on the bottom, it is important that there is sufficient current to provide them with oxygen. Garfish hunt in schools upon small free-swimming fish (such as young herring, sprat and lesser sandeel) and zooplankton.

  • Largest garfish

    The largest garfish ever caught was 91.5 centimeters, but on the average they only grow to 40 centimeters. They can reach the age of 18.
    Young garfish stay in the Wadden Sea during their first winter, where they life off of small crustaceans. When they leave the Wadden Sea, they are 25 centimeters long. Two years later, they are sexually mature and return to the wadden region.

  • Distribution of garfish
    Distribution of garfish., Ecomare