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  • Dut: Harnasmannetje (neushangertje (B), kleerhangertje, oudewijfskaak, oude grootje, oude vent (B), postkop, potsekop (B), kootje noom (B), gernaars' noompje (B), smousje (B), dikkop (B))
  • Lat: Agonus cataphractus
  • Eng: Hooknose, armed bullhead
  • Ger: Steinpicker
  • Dan: Panserulk
Armed bullhead, Ecomare

Armed bullhead

Armed bullheads are common in the coastal and tidal waters of the southern North Sea. The larvae and young animals live as plankton; older armed bullheads migrate to the coastal waters to search the sea floor for small crabs, gammarids, shrimps, worms, molluscs and fish eggs. These strangely shaped fish grow no longer than 20 centimeters. Dried armed bullheads can sometimes be found as decoration in fish nets in 1970-interiors, in display windows, fish stores, etc.