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  • Dut: Slakdolf (kringbuik, zeeslakvis, zuiger)
  • Lat: Liparis liparis
  • Eng: Sea-snail
  • Ger: Grosser Scheibenbauch
  • Dan: Ringbug
Sea snail, Sven Tougaard

Sea snail

Sea snails grow up to a maximum of 18 centimeters and no older than 2 years. Just like the lumpsucker, they have a suction cup to attach themselves to solid objects. This is why they prefer to live in areas with lots of stones or other sturdy objects, such as mussel banks. They eat shrimp, gammarids and small fish, such as gobies. Sea snails spawn in the winter in shallow water. After depositing the eggs, the older animals die. This species is found often in the delta and Wadden Sea area, however is rarely seen in other Dutch waters.