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  • Dut: Puitaal (Magaal, Magge, Moeraal)
  • Lat: Zoarces viviparus
  • Eng: Eelpout
  • Ger: Aalmutter
  • Fren: Lycode
  • Dan: élekvabbe
Eelpout (viviparous blenny), Ecomare


The eelpout is an inhabitant of the cooler, northern European coastal waters. It is found down to 40 meters deep and can survive well in brackish water. It was a common species in the Wadden Sea up till 1990, but has since become a rarity. This benthic fish eats mostly small crustaceans (gammarids, copepods, shrimp and larvae from larger crustaceans) and young molluscs.

  • Reproduction

    Eelpout spawn in August. The fertilized eggs remain in the body of the female. They hatch after 7 months and the female gives birth to 20 to 100 young eelpout, each around 5 centimeters long.

  • Distribution
    Distribution of the eel-pout, Ecomare