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  • Dut: (Gewone) pitvis (geernaarsoomtje, pilatusvisje, politievent, schelvisduivel, spinvis)
  • Lat: Callionymus lyra
  • Eng: Dragonet
  • Ger: Gestreifter Leierfisch
  • Dan: Stribet fløjfisk
Dragonet, Svend Tougaard


Dragonets grow to a maximum of 34 centimeters. They are benthic fish with a characteristically long front dorsal fin. They often burrow into sandy sea bottoms and eat mainly worms. The spawning season is in the spring and summer, at which time the animals will defend their own territories. Dragonets are known for their exuberant courtship and bright colors during the spawning season. This species is commonly found along the Dutch coast. Dragonets are not commercially-interesting for the fisheries.