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Dieren en planten

Water en land

  • Dut: (grote) Groene kikker, (meerkikker)
  • Lat: Rana ridibunda
  • Eng: Edible frog, green frog, common water-frog
  • Ger: der Teichfrosch, der Wasserfrosch
Edible frog, Foto Fitis,

Edible frog

Edible frogs never used to live on the Dutch Wadden Islands, but have been on Texel since 1994. A few frog-lovers released them in their garden ponds in Den Burg. Since then, they have spread throughout the island. Edible frogs can be found just about throughout all of mainland Europe. Their major requirement is water in their habitat. Edible frogs grow to 10 centimeters long and have a brown or green color.

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