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  • Dut: Huiszwaluw
  • Eng: House Martin
  • Fre: Hirondelle de fenêtre
  • Ger: Mehlschwalbe
  • Ital: Balestruccio
  • Lat: Delichon urbica
, Rein Jansen

House Martin

House martins like to nest against steep rocks. Although the Netherlands doesn't have much natural rock, house martins are very content here. Instead of rocky walls, they build their nests against houses. They make a ball from clay under the eaves, with the opening on the top. House martins often live in colonies. There can be dozens together during a good year. After nesting, all of the house martins migrate to Africa, returning again in April or May.

  • Threats
    House Martin, Foto Fitis,

    At the end of the 20th century, there was a huge decline in the Netherlands. It was probably due to new agrarian methods, which decreased the amount of insects found in the vicinity of farms. Problems in overwintering areas can also play a role. Furthermore, it is sometimes difficult for the birds to find suitable nest material. They need clay or mud with just the right consistency. Almost all house martins nest in the villages.

    Bird houses for house martins were placed in the vicinity of Den Helder since 2005, and with success. A number of martins inhabited them immediately.

Jonge boerenzwaluwen