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Dieren en planten

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Water en land

  • Dut: Winterkoning
  • Eng: Wren
  • Ger: Zaunkönig
  • Lat: Troglodytes troglodytes
Wren, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen


This small perky little bird is one of the most common birds in the Netherlands. It may be small but it is extremely boisterous. In fact, you hear wrens more often than you see them. They are forest birds, but will make their nests anywhere where you find trees. Hundreds nest in gardens, parks, woods and even in the dunes nowadays. They eat small animals, such as spiders and insects. But when scarse, they easily switch to seeds and berries.

  • Survival in the winter
    young wren, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

    The Dutch nesting birds do not migrate in the winter. Nevertheless, they are not very resistant to winters with much snow and ice storms. After such a winter, the number of nesting birds can decrease by 50%! Few will survive, particularly in the woods where there are no feeding tables for them. But because they have large nests, sometimes 2 to 3 times a year, they quickly make up for any losses.