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  • Dut: Spotvogel
  • Eng: Icterine Warbler
  • Fre: Hippolais icterine
  • Ger: Gelbspötter
  • Dan: Gulbug
  • Nor: Gulsanger
  • Fries: Giele hôfsjonger
  • Ital: Canapino maggiore
  • Lat: Hippolais icterina
Icterine warbler, Foto Fitis,

Icterine warbler

Icterine warblers often mimick other bird calls, but change it slightly so that a good birder can recognize it. The Dutch call it a mocking bird. Icterine refers to the bird's yellow color. English birders nickname this bird 'icky'. The icterine warbler is found in open deciduous woods, parks and gardens. It likes sunny places so you won't find it in dark woods. Elderberry is its first choice for making its nest, which is made from grass and roots in between the branches. Icterine warblers eat mostly insects, although they will also eat berries in the summer.

  • Distribution and habitat
    Icterine warbler, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen

    Icterine warblers are one of the last birds to return to the Netherlands to nest. The nesting season is between mid May and the end of June. Afterwards, they depart for Africa where they spend the winter somewhere between the Sahara and South Africa. And they return again to the Netherlands in May.