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  • Dut: Zwartkop
  • Eng: Blackcap
  • Ger: Mönchsgrasmücke
  • Lat: Sylvia atricapilla
  • Fr: Fauvette à tête noire
Blackcap, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen


Only male blackcaps live up to their name, with their black caps. Females have brown caps. They are an extremely numerous breeding bird in the Netherlands. They make their nests mostly in deciduous forests, but are also found in large gardens and parks. They will even nest in the dunes if the trees are tall enough. In the winter, they migrate to the south, although the group that stays in the Netherlands is growing. It saves energy and they profit from the proliferous bird feeding tables. In addition, they are the first ones around to find the best nesting areas.