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  • Dut: Kauw
  • Eng: Jackdaw
  • Fre: Choucas des tours
  • Ger: Dohle
  • Ital: Taccola
  • Lat: Corvus monedula
Jackdaw, Ecomare

Eurasian Jackdaw

Eurasian jackdaws are true construction workers. They like to build their nests in cavaties, such as hollow trees, chimneys and roof gutters. Sometimes, a chimney is totally filled with branches in order to produce the desired nest. Such nests can be enormous. The top is always neatly finished with soft materials. Jackdaws are social and very intelligent birds. Pairs stay together their entire lives. They have adapted entirely to humans and eat whatever they can get hold of, from seeds to grains to French fries and cat kibble. They gather in large groups in the evening to sleep. You can hear them babbling from a far distance.

On Texel

kauwtjes , foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Jackdaws belong to the category of birds one first comes across when visiting Texel. They build nests in the landing stage of the ferry port in 't Horntje. In 2005, many jackdaws were intentially caught and killed because they caused so much damage to the ferry boat and to crops.