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Dieren en planten

Water en land

  • Dut: Rietgors
  • Eng: Reed Bunting
  • Fren: Bruant des roseaux
  • Ger: Rohrammer
  • Dan: Rørspurv
  • Nor: Sivspurv
  • Fries: Reidmosk
  • Ital: Migliarino di palude
  • Lat: Emberiza schoeniclus
Reed bunting, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen

Reed bunting

Reed buntings have a black head and white 'shawl' in the summer. You can then find them singing while perching in the top of bushes or reed. This is how they define their territory. When sensing danger, the bird races lower down. In the Netherlands, reed buntings can be seen the whole year round just about anywhere where there is reed. Some of the Dutch reed bunting population migrates a short distance to more southerly regions in the winter.

On Texel

Reed bunting, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen

Reed buntings can be found on Texel in bushes and reed along dune ponds and lakes. A good spot to find them is by the Horsmeertjes.