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  • Dut: Grote Bonte Specht
  • Eng: Great Spotted Woodpecker
  • Fre: Pic épeiche
  • Ger:Buntspecht
  • Ital: Picchio rosso maggiore
  • Lat: Dendrocopos major
Great spotted woodpecker, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen

Great spotted woodpecker

Instead of singing, great spotted woodpeckers drum against dead trees, telephone poles and even metal chimney pipes. They can't sing well at all. They are commonly found in woods, gardens and parks where they search for lots of insects and tree seeds. Sometimes, you find a woodpecker forge in a pine trunk: this is a collection of pine or spruce cones. The woodpecker clinches cones filled with seeds firmly in the wood. It plucks out all of the seeds and replaces the cone with a fresh one. All of the empty cones lie under the forge on the ground.

On Texel

Great spotted woodpecker, rescued by Ecomare, Ecomare, Frouke Fey

The great spotted woodpecker first started nesting on Texel in 1970. Only then were there sufficient numbers of thick, dead wood in the woods for nesting opportunities.