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Dieren en planten

Rodents   Mice and rats   Harvest mouse   Wood mouse   Brown rat   
  • Dut: muizen en ratten
  • Lat: Muridae
  • Eng: mice and rats
  • Ger: Echte Mäuse

Mice and rats

Mice and rats suffer from a bad reputation. That is due particularely to the fact that they like to live where people live. They eat everything, reproduce often and have big nests. However, mice and rats are the most important source of food for owls, raptors and land predators. On the Wadden Islands, you find wood mice, harvest mice and brown rats, and occasionally house mice. Wood mice take over the role of house mice when there are no house mice.

On Texel

Wood mice have been found on Texel for a very long time. The house mouse, harvest mouse and brown rat were imported accidentally through human transportation of hay and other such products.