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Mens en Milieu

  • Dut: wezel
  • Eng: weasel
  • Fre: la belette
  • Ger: das Mauswiesel
  • Lat: Mustela nivalis
, Keven Law


The weasel is so small, that it can follow mice into their own network of tunnels. Of all the Wadden Islands, the weasel is only found on the island of Sylt. In the past,you could find weases on Ameland and Terschelling, but are no longer found there. Weasels are also having a hard time surviving in many places on the mainland. This is often because many of their hunting grounds are mowed, resulting in fewer voles and therefore, fewer weasels.



  • Diet

    As far as food choice is concerned, there is definitely a difference between choices made by male and female weasels. Females almost exclusively eat voles. They consume an average of one and a half voles per day. Males have a more extensive diet, consuming wood mice, birds, eggs, frogs and insects. Weasels need an area as large as one to several dozen hectares for hunting. In general, males need a larger area to explore than females.