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Short-beaked common dolphin


around 2 meters


70-110 kilograms


dark brown to black back with white belly, sometimes with brown-yellow stripes along the side


maximum 35 years


squid and small to medium-sized fish species such as herring and sardines


man: bycatch in fish nets, pollution, noise pollution

  • Dut: Gewone dolfijn (echte dolfijn)
  • Lat: Delphinus delphis
  • Eng: Short-beaked common dolphin
  • Fren: dauphin des anciens
  • Ger: Gemeiner Delphin (Delphin)
  • Dan: Almindelig delfin
  • Nor: Delfin
Common dolphins, Marijke de Boer

Short-beaked common dolphin

Short-beaked common dolphins hunt in groups of ten to ten thousand animals. They can reach speeds up to 45 kilometers per hour. They are also attracted to ships and like to play in their bow waves. Short-beaked common dolphins live in oceans; they aren't often seen swimming close to shore, usually preferring water no shallower than 200 meters. Nevertheless, they are occasionally seen in the Dutch section of the North Sea. Short-beaked common dolphins are the most common dolphin species in the region of the Mediterranean Sea. Pictures on ancient Greek vases show that it's been that way for centuries.

On Texel

, Foto Fitis

In November 2004, a short-beaked common dolphin spent four days swimming around a buoy in the Mok Bay by Texel. It was seen again on December 8 2004, this time by a buoy in the Molengat (channel), north of the Razende Bol. Early March 2013, a student at the research institute Imares spotted one close to the Texel ferry boat.