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White-sided dolphin


Males: up to 2.8 meters
Females: up to 2.5 meters


Males: up to 235 kilograms
Females: up to 80 kilograms


Grey, with white underside and grey and yellow stripes along the sides


small fish and squid


Maturity: 8-10 years

  • Dut: Witflankdolfijn (witzijdedolfijn)
  • Lat: Lagenorhynchus acutus
  • Eng: (Atlantic) white-sided dolphin
  • Fren: le dauphin à flancs blancs (lagénorhynque à flancs blancs)
  • Ger: Weißseitendelphin
  • Dan: Hvidskævring
  • Nor: Kvitkjeving
(Atlantic) white-sided dolphin, Frits-Jan Maas

Atlantic white-sided dolphin

Atlantic white-sided dolphins are true vagabonds. They never stay long in one place. They live in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean, sometimes in large schools. A school usually contains adults and young. They are often joined by white-beaked dolphins. White-sided dolphins are rapid hunters, preying mostly on squid and small fish.

  • Spotted in the North Sea
    White-sided dolphin, Marijke de Boer
  • Stranding on the Dutch coast
    DatePlace and details
    20 December 1863 Sloe
    15 March 1967 Wissekerke
    14 December 1973 Breskens, male
    25 March 1983 Zandvoort, male
    29 March 1985 Lauwersoog, male
    28 November 1985 St Maartenszee, male
    24 December 1985 De Koog, Texel, live female, deceased 30-12-1985
    23 January 1999 Ameland, live specimen, deceased
    11 December 2000 Terschelling, live female, deceased
    9 March 2006 Schiermonnikoog, female
    10 April 2007 Schiermonnikoog, male
    21 March 2008 Castricum, male
    Source: Archive Naturalis and Chris Smeenk
  • Bycatch in fishing nets

    Dutch trawlers fishing mackerel and scad southwest of Ireland in the spring of 1994 collected all the white-sided dolphins that were caught for studies of bycatch of the animal. In total, 43 dolphins were caught in the nets that season.