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Risso's dolphin


3.8 meters


400 kilograms


Only grey at birth, afterwards brown to almost black


Mostly squid, but also crustaceans and fish


Swimming, can swim up to 30 kilometers per hour

  • Dut: Grijze dolfijn (gramper, Risso's dolfijn)
  • Lat: Grampus griseus
  • Eng: Risso's dolphin
  • Fren: dauphin gris (grampus, dauphin de Risso)
  • Ger: Rundkopfdelphin
  • Dan: Risso's delfin (halvgrindehval)
  • Nor: Rissodelfin
Risso's dolphin, Frits-Jan Maas

Risso's dolphin

Risso's dolphins are often covered with scars. The older the dolphin, the more scratches on its body. These scars are probably caused by the teeth of other Risso's dolphins, made during fights or while playing. Squid can also leave scars, when they are caught and eaten by the animal. Risso's dolphins prefer warm water, but occasionally there are reports of one swimming in the northern North Sea.

  • Stranding on the Dutch coast
    DatePlace and details
    3 October 1895 Den Helder, male
    October 1917 Scheveningen
    12 May 1924 Sloedam
    17 August 1970 Wassenaarse Slag, male
    1970 Schiermonnikoog
    Source: archive Naturalis
  • Distribution and habitat
    Risso's dolphin, marijke de boer

    Risso's dolphins live in warm and moderate world seas. They are occasionally seen in the northern North Sea.