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Yarrow broomrape


15 to 60 centimeters




June – July




winter buds

life span:


  • Dut: Blauwe bremraap
  • Lat: Orobanche purpurea
  • Ger: Purpur-sommerwiurz
  • Eng: Yarrow broomrape

Yarrow broomrape

Yarrow broomrape grows on dry, moderately nutrient-rich sandy clayish compact soil, such as dunes along paths or where animals graze, floodplains, river dunes and along train tracks. Just like all broomrapes, it is a parasite and lives off of wormwood and yarrow species. It doesn’t produce chlorophyll so the plant is has no green parts. The flowers are blue-purple with a yellowish foot, while the stems and whatever leaves it may have are grayish blue. Yarrow broomrape is a very rare plant in the Netherlands, found mostly in the Holland dunes between Bergen and Goeree. Furthermore, the plant grows throughout Western Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea region.