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Rock samphire


20 to 50 centimeters


flower: yellow-green to white


July - October


seeds spread by water

life span:



along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean

  • Dut: Zeevenkel
  • Lat: Crithmum maritimum
  • Eng: Rock samphire
  • Ger: Meerfenchel
Rock samphire, Ecomare, Salko de Wolf

Rock samphire

Rock samphire grows well on stony beaches, in crevices on dikes and cracks of cliff walls. It is a true coastal plant, preferring sunny open areas that are (moderately) rich in nutrients, brackish and wet. It can also grow in the dunes, but then in sand that is somewhat salty. The only place you will find rock samphire in the Netherlands is in Zeeland and in the wadden region, but even there it is rare. Rock samphire remains a lovely plant even after flowering, thanks to the reddish discoloration of the stems, leaves and seeds.

On Texel

Since several years, a farmer on Texel has been cultivating rock samphire as a silty vegetable. Several restaurants on the island specialize in recipes using this exclusive product. The English Medieval botanist Culpeper described its taste as “pleasant, hot and spicy”. The fleshy leaves are edible and taste similar to asparagus. As a vegetable it is rich in Vitamin C.

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